Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Shoe Sorter
Spend an hour or two, or commit to a monthly or weekly volunteer time to help sort through the donated shoes at our warehouse. Our shoe donors do a great job keeping pairs tied or rubber-banded together, but sometimes they get separated from their mate.  Help put these lost soles find their match again and sort shoes according to style.

Be a Shoe Angel
When the rummage sale is over, the garage sale is done or the discards of the neighbor’s closet cleaning are sitting by the curb, Shoe Angels fly in and ask the organizer if they can rescue the shoes from the trash and give them a new life with the Shoeman.  Shoe Angels collect the excess shoes and deliver them to the warehouse or a nearby shoe drop-off location.

Be a Shoe Collector
Option 1: Ride along for a half-day or full day assisting the Shoeman Water Projects staff as they collect and load shoes into the trailer after a shoe drive, bringing the shoes back to the warehouse.

Option 2: Use your own vehicle to collect shoes from a drop-off location on your route to school, work or to run errands and drop them off at our warehouse. Monthly, twice-monthly, and weekly opportunities are available.

Host a Shoe Drive

Be an Ambassador
We are always looking for community Ambassdors to introduce Shoeman Water Projects to church, business, scout, civic, government or school leaders interested in hosting a shoe drive or becoming a shoe drop-off location.

We also look to our Ambassadors for ideas on how to collect more shoes, involve more volunteers and organize fundraiser. Some of our Ambassadors have helped organizations use their shoe drives to reduce the admission to events like concerts, plays, dinners in exchange for a bag of shoes or donate a portion of the proceeds of an event or ticket sale to Shoeman Water Projects. Others introduce their network of family friends, colleagues, neighbors to our work.

Organize a Shoe Collective
Shoe Collectives organized by volunteers across the United States create a regular Shoeman Water Projects presence with drop-off locations and storage in an area outside of the Shoeman’s current regular shoe pick up routes.

By forming a Shoe Collective, shoes are collected year round in a an area without a Shoeman Water Projects office or partner organization. When a trailer load (5,000+) or more pairs of shoes are collected in an area outside of the Shoeman’s current regular shoe pick up routes in the metro areas of St. Louis and Louisville, the Shoeman will send a trailer to retrieve the shoes and start the process of turning the shoes to water.

Office Assistance
Frequently Shoeman Water Projects needs help in our offices stuffing envelopes, assembling shoe drive kits, updating databases, and various other office support.

To volunteer, please fill out the online volunteer form, complete the printable volunteer form, or call 636-751-8197.