Shoeper Stars

We couldn’t do our life-changing work without the help of some amazing Shoeper Stars in our communities! With the help of some very special volunteers, the Shoeman is able to collect piles and piles of donated shoes and turn them into clean water for the thirsty.

Are you a Shoeper Star? Tell us your shoe story and send us a picture of your shoe drive in action. We want to share your story to inspire more Sole Power!

Featured Shoeper Star – Hannah Eikermann

Boone Trail Elementary First Grader is a Shoeper Star!

First Grader Collects 2,000 Pairs of Shoes for Clean Water in Haiti

Shoeper Star Hannah Eickermann

Wentzville, MO: Tim and Stacy Eikermann’s Wentzville, MO

house is over run with shoes that will turn into clean drinking water. After watching George “The Shoeman” on TV, Boone Trail Elementary first grader Hannah Eikermann announced she would collect shoes to help The Shoeman bring clean drinking water to Haiti. Hannah’s mom Stacy thought this was a wonderful idea, getting a few closets cleaned to boot.  Three weeks later Hannah has collected 2,000 pairs of shoes and counting.

“I saw the earthquake news on TV and I wanted to help.  Then I heard that The Shoeman was going to help get fresh water in Haiti, so I decided I would get some shoes for him,” Hannah recounted. To her mom’s delight, Hannah didn’t stop her collecting after cleaning out the family closets.

“Hannah collected shoes for 3 weeks.  She went door to door on our street with a homemade flyer, handed the flyers out to friends and family, to her principal, and several people at our church. She also asked me to post on Facebook,” shared surprised and proud mom Stacy Eikermann. Hannah’s enthusiasm also inspired a few of Stacy’s friends to hold shoe drives with coworkers. Speaking for Dad Tim and sister Lilly too, Stacy added, “We are very proud of what she has done and excited to see how many shoes she gets.”

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