Church Window with Shoes“…I was thirsty and you gave me drink…”
Matthew 25

What better way to incorporate this mission into your church’s activities than organizing a shoe drive or volunteering your time?

Host a Shoe Drive
Incorporating a shoe drive into your Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, or congregation activities, increases your service activities, decreases the strain on landfills, provides affordable footwear to those without shoes and water to those who thirst.


Getting started is simple!

  1. Let us know you’d like to have a shoe drive. Use the easy online form to request a shoe drive kit or call 636-751-8197. You can schedule a kick-off presentation and a shoe pickup.
  2. We’ll send a kit with instructions, collection bags, and a sign.
  3. Announce your drive with our customizable flyers, announcements and posters and start collecting shoes!
  4. Email us or call us at 636-751-8197 when you are ready to have your shoes picked up!
  5. Consider being a drop-off site all year long.

Some churches have used their shoe drives as part of a sermon lesson or as the cost of admission to a congregational event. Others have organized a Great Shoe Stick-Up and held their church leader’s shoes ransom until a certain number of shoes have been collected.

Here’s how you can organize a Great Shoe Stick-Up!

  1. Discuss and get the permission of the church leader to swipe their shoes.
  2. Create a Great Shoe Stick-Up ransom note explaining the shoes will be held ransom until a certain number of used and new shoes are donated (we suggest 10x the number of people in the building).
  3. Send us your ransom note along with the target day you would like us to pick up your shoes and we’ll send you a shoe collection kit. You can also call 636-751-8197.
  4. On the planned day, swipe the selected person’s shoes taking pictures or video taping the event and the shoes. The selected person must go without their shoes for the day making a visible, barefoot statement about the plight of those without shoes and water.
  5. As soon as the shoes have been swiped, post the ransom note, send a congregation-wide email or announce it at a special event.

Do you have a church group looking for volunteer opportunities? The Shoeman Water Project harvests the power of volunteers to help bring shoes to those who have none and water to the thirsty. Volunteers can help through sorting shoes, picking up shoes from a drop-off location (local and regional routes), leading shoe drives, loading and unloading shoes, office assistance, event support and spreading the word about the work of Shoeman Water Projects. We have opportunities for volunteers of all ages to contribute!  Fill out the volunteer form or call 636-751-8197 to sign up!