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Interested in volunteering? Call Shoeman Water Projects headquarters and ask for Ken Fleischmann, Executive Director, to find out current volunteering opportunities.

SWP Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing clean water to those who thirst through sustainable solutions that eradicate water poverty and empower developing communities through our message of hope and opportunity.

Program Summary

The SWP Ambassador Program is a volunteering program utilizing people from many walks of life and multiple areas across the country. These volunteers assist with used shoe collections, event planning and management, presentations of the SWP program, phone calling, and various other efforts that help to drive and collect used footwear, the backbone of our charity funding. A SWP Ambassador generously gives of their time offering to access potential giving at a level that is simply impossible for SWP to do on its own. Each SWP Ambassador is provided with the tools to perform their duties, identified to all constituents as being a SWP Ambassador and requested to adhere to the Program Commitment, below. As a SWP Ambassador you will consider:

  • How much time can I realistically give in a week, month or year?
  • What days of the week and time of day am I available to volunteer?
  • Do my unique talents help the SWP program achieve its mission?
  • What tasks am I unable or unwilling to do?
  • What do you hope to gain from the SWP Ambassador experience?

You, as a SWP Ambassador will help us meet our goals, by making an investment in our mission, as we make an investment in you.

Commitment Summary

Through the donation of your time, you play a vital role in helping Shoeman Water Projects reach our goals. We recognize that you are giving of your time freely and without compensation and, because of this, will do all we can to support you in your shoe collection efforts. You are the backbone of our grassroots collection and communication efforts and, as such, we recognize the need to provide you with as much support and encouragement as we can provide within our charter. As you are the only representative of SWP that many people will see, we ask that you agree to and govern yourself by our Statement of Commitment.

Statement of Commitment

  • You will accept assignments consistent with your interest, abilities, andavailability, with an open mind and willingness to learn.
  • You will commit yourself to preserving the SWP mission and strategic objectives.
  • You will represent the external world to SWP, and SWP to the external world, by being an advocate for our purpose, raising awareness of our mission and communicating the needs and challenges of our target contributors.
  • You will be prepared and properly informed in all SWP communication tactics and strategies, using only approved materials and methods of presentation.
  • You will always remember that your efforts reflect directly on SWP, therefore your commitment to best practices that fully embrace the SWP mission and strategic objectives is paramount to a successful volunteer effort. Further, you will at all times adopt a high code of standards in ethical behavior.
  • You will communicate the results of all presentation and collection efforts and keeping the Executive Director as well as SWP Development Representatives fully and timely informed.
  • You will exhibit a willingness to attend regular training and information sessions at SWP HQ to ensure that you are in compliance with our mission and strategic objectives.
  • You will commit yourself to helping SWP control its expenses by embracing sound financial best practices with regard to the distribution of printed communication materials and special requests.
  • You will at all times be considerate, respectful, collaborative, available and honest to SWP staff, other SWP ambassadors as well as the SWP contributing constituency.
  • You will wear your provided SWP nametag and clothing to best represent yourself as an ambassador for our charity.
  • You will not authorize any charges or invoices holding SWP responsible unless you have prior authorization from the Executive Director.
  • You will acknowledge in the form of a written thank you to those contributors who provide you with meals, as many of your presentations will be during fellowship and other type of meal-centered gatherings.
  • You will not accept any gifts of any value for your efforts as a SWP Ambassador, other than meals.