Become a Shoe Drop Off Location

Thank you for your interest in becoming a shoe drop off location!  We hope that by becoming a shoe drop off location, we can help you promote your business and bring you new customers!

We have a few requirements in order to become a drop off location:

  • You must be able to store at least 4 large garbage bags before we come pick them up OR be able to transport them to our warehouse in Fenton, Missouri.
  • If you are outside of the St. Louis area, you must be able to store even more bags until we are in your area for a pick up.
  • Locations can contact when they are ready for a shoe pick up. Please include your name, address, telephone number and preferred pickup date/time. We can normally pick up shoes within 1-2 days of your contact.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Include your company name, address, and website on our list of shoe drop off locations
  • Promote your company on our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) and encourage people to drop off shoes at your site
  • Provide a collection bin, signage and flyers

E-mail us at and we can help you get started!