There are many ways to donate to Shoeman Water Projects:

Shoe Donations

  • Drop your shoes off at our warehouse: 1603 Manufacturers Drive, Fenton, MO 63026
  • Drop your shoes at one of our drop off locations
  • Mail shoes to Shoeman Water Projects Headquarters, 1603 Manufacturers Drive, Fenton, MO 63026
  • Schools, churches, and scouts always need service projects.  Have your organization do a shoe drive.
  • Businesses like being a drop point because people wanting to donate use the zip code finder and find you as the closest drop point. This may or may not fit your venue, but many businesses do an in-house shoe drive.

In-Kind Donations

  • Go HERE to find out more about in-kind donations.

Monetary Donations

  • You may not have shoes; donate the price of a used pair of shoes ($1.00). Mailing address and the secure online donation capability listed to the left.
  • Go HERE to find out more about monetary donations.


  • You can now donate depreciated stock.  See attached form.  Giving depreciated stock allows you to deduct the purchase price on your income taxes.  For further tax advantages donate appreciated stock to improve your tax position. (Consult your CPA).

Charitable Gift Annuity

  • If you are a senior living on CD’s or money market certificates, you may find a charitable gift annuity is a perfect vehicle to increase your monthly income..  Example:   $5,000 drawing 1% gives you a monthly income of about $41.00 per month.  The gift annuity, depending on age, may pay a lifetime income of 3%.  Your monthly lifetime income may move to $125.00 per month.  You also receive a $5,000 income tax deduction that can be amortized over five years.  The numbers given are for example only.  Your age, single or double benefit, and rate of interest determine your income.  Only at your demise the principle goes to the charity.
  • In considering a charitable gift annuity you should also consider your children’s inheritance. For a free and no obligation personal example, call Nickie Bennett with  Edward Jones at (636) 207-1488.