George “the Shoeman” Hutchings on a mission trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake destroyed many water supplies.

Since 1998, Shoeman Water Projects founder George, the Shoeman, Hutchings has made a mission out of alleviating human suffering.  Personally, George has visited Kenya repeatedly, shipping a sizable quantity of supplies including 21,000 meals for orphans, $2 million in medical supplies, dental labs, neurosurgeons for pediatric facial reconstructions.

In August of 2008 George began Shoeman Water Projects to specifically focus on clean drinking water. In his decade prior travel to Kenya he had discerned that without clean water, all other aid would be a momentary stop-gap. From August of 2008 through June of 2011 Shoeman Water Projects has collected over 1.5 million pairs of shoes that have become affordable shoes for those in need of projection from abrasions and deadly parasites as well as clean drinking water.

The Sole Power of donated shoes collected by George and his team at Shoeman Water Projects has, thus far, resulted in the purchase of 4 water-well drilling rigs, more than 250 wells drilled serving more than 200,000 people, as well as water purification system installations and well pump repairs serving clinics, schools and villages in Kenya and Haiti.

Water purification

Shoeman Water Projects partners with mission trips to provide water purification systems as well as curriculum for setup, health and hygiene.

Most recently in 2012, Shoeman Water Projects has added the Shoeman Water Training to its mission.  Shoeman Water Training partners with organizations embarking on mission trips around the world so that they may bring the gift of clean water to the people they serve.  The organizations typically host a shoe drive to cover for the cost of a water purification system that travels with them on their trip.  The group is trained in water purification, health and hygiene so that they may pass that knowledge along to the recipients of the water purification system. Fill out this online form to request information about our partnerships with mission trips.

Shoeman Water Projects is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, and we have hubs in Washington, D.C., Kansas City, MO, Bend, OR, Nashville, TN and Little Rock, AR with more to come.

Learn more about George and his thirst for clean water in his book Combat Survival-Life Stories from a Purple Heart.

Learn more about Shoeman Water Projects by exploring the site and reading our FAQs. E-mail info@shoemanwater.org to request a shoe drive kit and get started today!