Turning Shoes Into Water

July, 2014

Dear Shoeman Friends,

Today, I am launching a new website, and I need your help. My request is that you review the site and become familiar with Global Water Poverty and how we, Shoeman Water Projects, engage in this worldwide crisis. In the twenty-first century clean drinking water should be a given, yet every 21 seconds someone dies of water born disease (source: Water.org).

Our website helps to tell the story, shows the pictures, raises awareness and gives hope to a billion people without water. Again, I ask you to do something. By ourselves we can do little, but together we have great power. Since beginning Shoeman Water Projects in 2008 we have collected more than 4 million pairs of shoes, kept them out of the landfill, put them on peoples’ feet, and have funded hundreds of well diggings, water purification systems and pump/well maintenance projects. Over 400,000 people are receiving, each and every day, clean drinking water because of our efforts and impact.

I am asking you to show a little soul by bringing a cup of cold water to a boy, girl, or perhaps a grandma that you have never met, through either donating used shoes to our efforts or making a monetary contribution. To participate in a worldwide victory is to first create a small individual victory…please give today.

I am George “The Shoeman” hoping you will enjoy the stories, pictures, sounds, and victories of our efforts to combat Global Water Poverty. Our job is to bring water to the thirsty. The prophet once said, “I was thirsty and you gave me water to drink….”

George “The Shoeman” Hutchings

Turning Used Shoes Into Water

Shoeman Water Projects collects donated new and used shoes and exports the shoes to street vendors in places like Kenya, Haiti and South America, providing affordable shoes and jobs for those communities. The funds are used for well drilling rigs, water purification systems and training programs to bring clean, fresh water to those who thirst.

Our work reduces landfill waste, puts shoes on bare feet, and provides clean water in impoverished villages to facilitate better health, hygiene, farming and livelihoods throughout the world.

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